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The Choir

In 2007 the council of the Choral Association and of the Music School of Koblenz asked themselves why young people from 14 to 24 years old in the town didn’t sing in choirs, while there were many singers among children and adults. The causes were that they needed a choral project for this age group with flexible time for rehearsals and arrangements from pop, jazz and gospel music. Jürgen Böhme, for his creativeness, his determination and personal diligence, became the conductor of this new choral reality in Koblenz. Since its foundation Böhme is choir manager, artistic director, conductor, composer, arranger, singer, pianist, vocal coach. In the executive team there is since the foundation Mohani Poulet, who conducts the choir while Böhme sings with the basses or plays the piano. Poulet takes care of the public relations. The repertoire of the choir ranges from popular songs in modern arrangement to gospel, spiritual, swing and blues music to pieces of German composers like "Die Ärzte" or Tim Bendzko. From the beginning of its activity, attended the Junger Chor Koblenz more than twohundred young singers.

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