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"Rhythm of Life!"

Live-Mitschnitt des Auftritts im Café Hahn in Koblenz am 25. April 2010

12,- €

Lennon/McCartney: "Good Day Sunshine" - Schuster-Zimmering: "Give a little Smile" - Gershwin: "I got rhythm" / "The Lorelei" - Kander/Kirby Shaw: "And all that Jazz" - Atwell/Carbow: "He's making us sing" - Detterbeck: "Revival" / "Sithy Molweni" / "Hamba kahle" - Walker: "The Wanderer" - Althouse/Böhme: "Nightingale" - Schuster-Zimmering/Böhme: "The Boogie Bop" - Coleman/Barnes: "The Rhythm of Life" - Brunner: Yo le Canto todo el Dia"

Gesamtspielzeit: 49:11 Minuten

Bestell-Nr. NV 60.01.1 - NOVO Musikverlag Neuwied

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